Juliet Oscar Yankee


Juliet Oscar Yankee is your weekly dose of Food, Interior Design trends, Lifestyle & Travel stories with a side of young city girl attitude.

Juliet Oscar Yankee writes about Lifestyle, encompassing Style, Beauty and Culture; Travel, including City Guides; Interior Design, touching on the latest design trends and Food, covering original recipes ranging from Sweet Treats and Savoury Dishes to Drinks.

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My passion for real, unadulterated and tasty food can be easily seen throughout Juliet Oscar Yankee's food section, The Kitchen When it comes to food styling is all about less is more. Being able to deliver a recipe beautifully without overdoing the overall look with unnecessary props is at the core of my style. Letting the dish take the centre stage and shine is what I do best while accentuating the beauty of both raw and cooked ingredients without forcing any kind of narrative.

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